How to Plan a Family Friendly Getaway in The Maldives

If you and your kids are long overdue for a family getaway, it’s time to set your sights on the Maldives. These tropical islands offer a picturesque retreat where your entire family can have some fun in the sun. Whether you want to put your feet up and relax while your kids splash in the pool or embark on exciting adventures with the whole family, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy on your next trip to the Maldives.

Before you start packing your bags, you should keep a few things in mind. From getting to know the islands to creating your itinerary, we’re here to help you plan the ultimate family holiday on island time. 

Get to Know the Maldives

Understanding the geography helps when planning your getaway. The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean and feature 26 atolls and 1,200 coral islands, although not all are inhabitable.

That said, there are several inviting destinations to choose from, and you can stay on one island for the duration of your trip or island hop to explore other attractions. Some of the most popular islands include Noonu Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll and South Malé Atoll, and they are home to the best resorts, offering top-notch family friendly accommodations, dining, and activities. Many of these resorts even feature special family packages and offers that let kids eat for free to help bring down your costs. 

While further researching the Maldives, you’ll find that Dhivehi is the national language. But don’t worry; the majority of locals speak English, and many resort staff can also speak additional languages like German and French, so it’s easy to get around. However, it’s always appreciated when visitors learn a few words. Encourage your family to practice a few simple greetings like hello or thank you, and you may make some friends along the way. 

Decide When to Visit 

Because the islands straddle the equator, the region experiences year-round warm weather, usually between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius. While the Maldives used to experience a more strict wet and dry season that dictated high and low seasons, the weather has become a bit more unpredictable. The good news is that any time of year is a good time to visit the Maldives—even if there is a little rain. 

However, if you’re more budget conscious, you may want to plan your family trip for the summer months when the rates tend to be less expensive. 

Arriving in the Maldives

No matter which island you visit, you’ll book your family international flights to Velana (Malé) International Airport on Hulhulé Island. Once your family touches ground, the adventure can officially begin as you arrange transportation to your resort, which may include booking a seaplane, ferry, taxi boat or even a speedboat!

Make Yor Itinerary

Now for the fun part—planning your itinerary! The Maldives features so many family friendly activities and attractions; it’s just a matter of narrowing down what appeals to your kids most. 

To start, you will want to choose a resort with plenty of things to do to keep your whole clan entertained. For instance, the best resorts feature swimming pools where your children can make a splash and kid clubs that invite your kids to engage in age-appropriate games and activities. The beauty of the kids’ club is that the resort’s trained staff will watch your children, so you can enjoy a romantic stroll with your partner, sip on a cocktail or even head to the spa for a blissful massage or facial. 

You’ll also find resorts offering water activities, like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling, along with more extreme water adventures like jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and more. There are also tons of resort activities to enjoy on dry land, such as hiking, horseback riding and picnicking, which are promising entertainment for all ages. 

If you’re looking to venture beyond your resort property, you and your family can join all sorts of island excursions, from visiting villages and going on fishing excursions to enjoying dolphin cruises and scuba diving incredible reefs. 

After a fun-filled day in the sun, everyone can return to the resort to rest and relax. Dine at one of the delicious restaurants where even your kids will find menu items they enjoy, and then round out the day with a movie under the stars. 

While there are countless family friendly activities to experience in the Maldives, it’s important not to overbook yourself. This is your getaway, too! So, schedule time for breaks to rest and recharge. Also, remember your family may be tired after traveling to the islands, meaning it might be best to leave your first day or two free of plans so everyone has a chance to acclimate to island time. 

Pack Wisely 

First and foremost, bring your passports. Every member of your family, including infants, needs a valid passport. Without one, you won’t be able to board the plane. 

Next, remember that the Maldives are located at the equator, so the sun’s rays will be stronger than you’re accustomed to. It’ll be warm, so be sure to pack sun hats, sunglasses and maybe even some lightweight clothing with UV protection. Sunscreen is also a must, but only pack reef-safe sunscreen to help protect underwater marine life. Last but not least, pack your camera so that you can capture all those special family memories.

 Your Invitation Awaits

There’s never been a better time to create memories with your kids. Start planning your next family getaway to the Maldives today for an unforgettable trip you and your kids will be talking about for years to come—and who knows? An annual trip to the Maldives just might turn into your next family tradition!

Have you been to the Maldives? Do you have any tips or suggestions to share? If so, you can leave your comments below.

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