Pros and Cons of traveling solo

Are you a solo traveler? Or are you one of those people who are afraid of traveling solo? There are some misconceptions like solo travelers must alone, they don’t have friends, they are not social, they don’t like to be with their family and more. But the real fact is completely opposite. Though you can travel in a group or with your family and friends you should sometimes travel solo as well. Solo travel helps you to grow positively and know yourself the best way.

Solo travel doesn’t mean you’ve to always keep on traveling solo. But it is true once you start traveling solo you’ll surely love it. You’ll find many pros and cons. But the advantages of traveling solo are more than disadvantages according to many solo travelers around. Let’s dig more in to the pros and cons of traveling solo.

The Pros of traveling solo

Helps you to step out of from comfort zone

To most of you, home is your comfort zone. You don’t need to take any decision, your parents or your family is always there to help you. But when you start traveling solo you automatically forced yourself to come out from your comfort zone. When you face any problem on the road, you’ll be the only person to help you out. Solo travel helps you to take the decision and learn new things. It makes you independent. Here everything you got to decide yourself. You’ll learn to use your own common sense. So in this way solo traveling helps you to grow as a person positively. Yes, you might take wrong decisions sometimes but you’ll start learning from your mistakes.

You are your own boss

When you travel alone you don’t need to wait for other choices to do something you wish to do. You can change your travel plan whenever you want. You can follow your own itinerary or decide not to. Let’s say that you want to get up early to watch the sunrise from the mountain but your travel partner is not interested. He/she wants to skip this part from the itinerary because they feel too tired or in a deep sleep and you had no option but missing maybe the most spectacular sunrise of your life. When traveling alone you are your own boss. To get up early or not is entirely up to you.

Helps to meet more locals

When you travel in a group you don’t feel that urge to meet new people. You became too busy with friends and you spend no time with local people. On the other side, traveling solo helps you to meet more locals and new peoples on the road. How? One solo traveler can easily get more attention from locals. You’ll see many will try to talk to you or help you when you explore any destination alone. You should take that advantage to learn more about that destination. T

Sitting alone in a restaurant? No problem! Talk a bit with staff. They, probably know the area better than any online guide and may give you some ideas of what is worth seeing or experiencing. Shopping alone at a street markets? Just be friendly with the sell people and start a conversation. Usually, people working at the markets can give you directions to the best and often the cheapest food around.

Saves your time and makes you disciplined

The practice of solo traveling helps to save your time in many ways. When you travel solo you don’t have to worry about others. You can give all attention to yourselves. You can reach your destination on time, you’ll not miss your train for your friend who is always late.  Traveling alone gives you the ability to see more attractions and stick better to your planned itinerary. .. And sometimes you don’t even need to plan. You don’t need to give up more of your precious time while traveling to eating and gossiping. You can just perfectly manage your time.

As a solo traveler, you don’t have anyone to help you get up on time or call you early in the morning for breakfast. Not being able to depend on anyone else, you go to bed at reasonable time  and get up early in the morning. Solo traveling gives you the chance to be a better person and maintain the discipline. It makes you cautious and more practical as well.

Helps you to get to know yourself better

Nature helps us to understand things better same way solo travel gives you the real freedom to know yourself the best way. When you travel alone you got plenty of time to read your mind. And it is needed to keep sometimes for yourself too. You start learning what makes you happy. You start loving your own way.

Traveling is a great problem solver and so solo traveling. Spending some moments walking alone on a beach gives you inner peace. And also motivate you to take the right decision in life. Remember life became easier when you know you better.

The Cons of traveling solo

Expensive and hard to afford

It is true solo travel cost you more. Here you don’t get the chance to share your hotel room with your partner. You got to pay the whole transport cost. You’ve ordered a plate of pasta, and easily two peoples can share. And you could pay half but alas, you’re alone. Like that your travel cost became more. Yes, it is expensive and hard to afford.

In such cases you should go for a hostel, guesthouse than a hotel, it will cost less. You can join in a group or like-minded travelers; it will help you to expend less. Don’t hire a taxi when travel alone, go for a public transport to save money. Go for a walking tour wherever it is possible. Enjoy hiking and trekking. Eat from local restaurants those are far from the touristic area.

Traveling alone might be less safer

For solo female travelers’ safety is a big concern always. Many of them stop themselves to travel solo only for safety reason. No matter how many times you have traveled alone, you’ll be always afraid to travel any new place completely alone. Anything might happen on the road. And so it always needs to travel smart. You have to be alert and always better to take precautions.

It is always a good practice to know details before visiting any new destination. You should have a good knowledge of the tradition and culture of the specific country. Better to avoid late night parties when you’re alone, be alert not to be drunk, wear the proper outfit to show the respect of the respective custom and culture. Don’t go for a taxi at late night. Try to be in a public place, don’t go out after evening if it is not safe.

No one is there to capture your photo

As a solo traveler, it is a problem to ask always other travelers to capture your photo. Sometimes no one is there to help you out and you might also feel discomfort to ask a stranger. Yes, you can take a lot of selfies, but to some extent, it is also boredom. You can use a tripod and fix your camera to take an auto shot. But you’ve to be careful and not to use an expensive camera. There is a chance to be stolen from the spot and so many don’t like to use a tripod to take their own shot.

You may lonely

Traveling solo sometimes makes you feel lonely. You might go through a depression also. Long time out from your family and close ones will make you feel bad and sick. So many nice things you’re enjoying alone and unable to share those with friends and family. Watching the most beautiful beach sunset alone will make you feel lonely. You might like someone to join you for a dinner, as feeling discomfort being alone.

Keep yourself busy with phone and book in a restaurant. A good book and a cup of tea/coffee can be your best company as well to help you out from loneliness. Visit home and spent times with your family. Make a family tour, travel with your family and friends as well.

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